Hair & Make-up Studio


Hair Styles

As simple as straightening and blow drying for an everyday look or we could take you into curls, and up-do’s for a special event. Discover how to create the perfect hair for your face shape, hair color, and length of hair. Whether you’ve got short, medium or long hair we can make it easy to help you create ideas for any great hairstyles.

We can also help you find the best product to help assist in your hairs health.


Our makeup artist at Zara Beauty & Spa want to make you feel beautiful. Not only will the show you how they are applying the make-up but will show you colors and tips to help shape and contour your face. Our artist specializes in helping you achieve the look you want.


Remove unwanted hair with waxing. It is a quick and easy method to remove areas of hair in a short period of time. Hair in waxed areas will not grow back anywhere from two to six weeks.

Hair Styles